June 1st, 2006


Just back from a quick paddle

We're just back from a quick morning paddle with the Kihei canoe club. They take beginners out on morning paddles on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we were lucky enough to hear about this and be able to join in. We had a little lesson beforehand, in which we learned how to switch paddles from one side to another, the commands to do so (which sounded like "HUP!" - one stroke warning - "HAI!" - switch sides), and how to get in and out of the boat (both hands on the side and pop your butt down in the seat, both legs up and turning at the same time). I was in the number two position, so I paddled opposite the person in front of me. We went out for a bit until we got to a bouy, then we "LAVA!"ed until the other folks joined up with us. We just kind of hung around there for about 15 minutes - there was a very shallow spot right below us and piles of sea turtles swimming around in the water. Yes, it was very cool. The big excitement was that about eight minutes out we discovered we had a centipede in our boat. It was unceremoniously dispatched and then, um, received a sea burial.

Getting out was fun; we had to turn the boat so the back was pointing toward the shore and then backpaddle in conjunction with a friendly wave. When we were all back on shore and the boats up above the tideline (and the paddles rinsed and returned to their racks), we had a "Mahalo" ceremony, where we thanked "the spirit," the guardian angel, the elders, the volcano (Haleakala, for watching over us), the west Maui mountains (for making the water sweet), the ocean for giving us a safe journey, and, finally, ourselves, for being strong.

This was really fun, in fact, I think, the most fun I've had all week. I would do this all the time if I lived here.

This will probably be my last formal post for this trip. We're going to get in a little swimming, come back and pack, then go to the aquarium for a bit before we head to the airport. Miss you all, mahalo for reading and interacting with me, and aloha.

PS: Saw some potato chips yesterday that reminded me of me: "Maui Kitch'n Cook'd." The label says DO NOT EXPOSE TO SUNSHINE. This made me think it was the "Goth chip." Anyway, that's me: Kitch'n Cook'd. If I start wearing this 'do rag all the time at home, you'll know I was left in the sun too long.
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End of the Maui trip.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig (thank you, wbyonder, for the ride back). We skipped the aquarium in favor of greater slack and spent the late morning dinking on beach, playing in the water, and having a last plate lunch (a bowl of saimin for shadowdaddy and a mixed teriyaki beef/Korean spicy chicken plate) at some Korean joint across from the big public beach in Kihei.

And .. the blog is going back to friends only: as they say, "We now resume our regular broadcast." I don't know if many people that don't know me will ever read these entries, but I like the idea of contributing to the community of knowledge that is the internet and these posts (in their excess of detail) is my little drop in that big bucket.