June 3rd, 2006


Satisfying your inner drag queen

My god, the DEALS at the Talbots Outlet Store today! It's the only reason I drive to Lynnwood (2617 196th St SW), and right now they're having a BIG sale. I mean, why go to thrift stores when they have TWO FULL RACKS of clothes under $5? Okay, admittedly it's floral/abstract print pants/capris and skirts in orange and green and pink and blue, but I LIKE this stuff and this is the time of the year to be wearing it. (And there are plenty of other color options once you step away from the "under $5" rack.) Talbots actually makes really nice clothes that fit you right (including huge petites and womens sections) and they actually sew the seams correctly, include spare buttons, and USE NATURAL FABRICS. Most of the stuff in the store is linen, cotton, silk, wool, or cashmere - almost no synthetics at all. So while the $5 pants/skirts are a killer deal, I don't feel too badly about doling out $10 for a brand new silk skirt that makes me look like The Shit. Yeah, sure, there's stuff that costs a lot more in there (up near the front of the store), but if you love stuff that is so garish that it's good, you can really clean up here. Just head toward the 50% off racks on the far side of the cash register and you'll be rolling in it. I bought eleven things (plus a scarf and a gift for my nephew), and my prices were $3.50 - $17.

The sale (extra percent off) goes through Tuesday. Don't miss it!

I am going to be the brightest thing in my entire company when I start wearing this stuff to work. I can't wait to get those marble patterned pink pants on. Drag queens will cry when they see me. ALL HAIL AUNTIE MAME!