June 12th, 2006


An unfortunate event: prejudice in Seattle

SO ... I was out with my friends going to the ballet last night, wearing the Shalwar Khameez my coworker had given me - a lovely red tunic/pants/scarf set with gorgeous metallic floral embroidery - and as I got ready to cross the street (at 5th and Mercer), some woman in a truck drove by and hollered out the window, "You're in America now! Take that shit off or go back to India!"

This pretty much killed my mood for the next half hour and made it impossible to focus on the dancing. No matter what retorts I came up with, I was just really disturbed. I know xenophobia has been part and parcel of American culture for ages, but this was really out of nowhere and quite disturbing.

PS: Suddenly had a vision of myself walking down the street in elf ears and having her say, "Go back to your own planet, you stinking Vulcan!" - which made me laugh, especially as I could easily imagine this person getting confused about real versus imaginary places.