June 16th, 2006


La Vida Blogista

Ah, the petty pleasures of blogging! Two total strangers commented on last night's post! BWAH HAH HAH! It totally justifies leaving some posts public for me! Yes, I am a sick and sad person, that I should find this so exciting. Please shoot me.

On the other hand ... it means this comic made me laugh over and over again this morning. Would some graphically inclined person on my flist turn it into a pretty animated gif for me? Please?

And as a side note, seeing those comments was immediately followed by opening my work email and discovering I'd got over 20 emails after I went home, one of which was a question from my boss which was answered incorrectly by Athena and led him to make a statement to the head of release management (at 10 PM) that was factually inaccurate. I'm not really supposed to be reading my email between 6 and 10, right? GIVE ME A BREAK!