June 18th, 2006


Father's day thoughts

I spent part of last night in the 611 Creperie, talking with my father-in-law's second wife about my dad. She asked how often I heard from him, how often I saw him, that kind of thing. I told her that I saw and heard from him rarely - maybe one in-person visit a year, a phone call every two or three months.

I told her that after my Grandma died, our relationship kind of floundered, as he said some things to me that really hurt me. As I sat there talking, I could feel my cheeks turning red. He'd told me that I wasn't really family because I was a girl. Maybe he just felt like that because I didn't grow up with him, but suddenly my place in his heart felt clear - I wasn't really a part of the family. And it seems like since then, the rest of the family on my dad's side (with the notable exception of my brother), has treated me like what my dad says is right, I'm not family, I'm just some weird offshoot that grew up in the desert. So for me, I felt like I became an orphan when my grandma died - I lost an entire family in one fell swoop.

Anyway, happy father's day to you all. If you have a good relationship with your father, be grateful; for those of you who don't, know that you're not alone.

Fathers' Day Brunch Menu

I had my brother (a new father) and my father in law and their respective spouses over for brunch today. Here is the menu:

coffee (Sumatran, French press) or tea (China Keemun)
the "not from concentrate" orange juice
Greek-style honey-sweetened yogurt on fruit (apples, apricots, and raspberries)
poached eggs on prosciutto
pecan waffles (from scratch)
bananas, strawberries, and peaches (for the waffles)
whipped cream
real maple syrup
a big ol' ham, sliced from the bone
Little Cheddies (because my brother and I like them)

I'm very full now and everyone has left (and the dishes were washed by the in-laws, yay!). Time for a nap.

Samurai Summer begins!

What an end to a frantically busy weekend! Samurai Rebellion was a fantastic display of honor, social constraint, and crazy-assed sword-whacking. I saw the same quiet restraint as in the Naruse series earlier, but much stronger rules bending the characters until they started to break. It was great! I was also pleased that Alex joined us - I knew there were more samurai fans out there! And think - all of the pleasures of a film festival movie, but no lines.

I have to add, this was a perfect movie for father's day. It was all about family togetherness.

"Hey, son, how about we slaughter the assholes that kidnapped your wife?"
"Side by side? That's so awesome, dad!"
"I've rearranged the tatami mats to help soak up the blood. Sure gets slippery when the heads start falling!"
"I can't wait to die with you! This is the best!"

It also included this great line:
Bad bureaucrat dude: For failing to obey the lord, you are ordered to commit seppuku!
Hero dad samurai: Seppuku? (Pauses while we wait for him to pull out his sword, but then answers...) Ho ho ho! When you bring me boss-man's head on a plate, and your own, then we can talk. This is not an exact translation, but I think it's true to the original.

I loved it.

Oooh ... the day ... long nap in the afternoon, then an afternoon sailing excursion with the in-laws, and finally some super-yummy stacked green chile enchiladas at the Santa Fe Cafe ... and then a movie! Lesser beings would have collapsed long before we threw in the towel, but something about having the sun shine until 10 PM just makes it hard to think you're anywhere near bed time. Now my blood is pumping, but I know I need to turn it down and hit the sack!