June 23rd, 2006

Pink poodle

Just a song before I go to sleep

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WECHSLER! (It's early here but already time there.)

Second, The Birthday Party ... didn't suck, totally, but ... well, there was this moment in the third act where I felt like the actor just didn't understand what was going on. And in the first act I thought the actors seemed overwhelmed by the mysteries of the English language. shadowdaddy went on about it - disparagingly - at length after the show (while we ate Dan Dan noodles at 7 Star Pepper). No wonder the director looked so worried. It was funny, though, when the "ditzy" character complained about it being warm - we were all working up a sweat in the theater. I can't believe it's supposed to hit 90 this weekend - the actors will die!

Third, it was a day of great napping (two hours) and some shopping (the red suitcase, as previously mentioned and as you, my flisters, chose, and an embroidered tank top from Macy while I was wending my way home from work). Now for another two hours nap before I go back into work - if I'm lucky things will run late and I'll get more sleep in. Or not. I'm not counting on it, really. Bleah. There is no such thing as good luck on prop night, only tired testers and even more tired testers.
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