June 30th, 2006


3/4 way through the rowing class

Last night's rowing was a mixed bag. We had three boats out; clearly, Tom's harsh criticism had cleared out a lot of the women who'd been coming quite consistently until then. (Or who knows, maybe the good weather was keeping people away. Yeah, that's right, I don't want to be on the water when the sun is shining!) Unfortunately we were still short of both coaches and coxswains, and I was on the boat that got shorted; an inexperienced cox and poor Aina driving back and forth on the support boat trying to keep up with us. We, alas, had NO idea what we were supposed to be doing, such as: which end of the lake should be paddle on? Where should we go once we got there? We wound up sitting around several times waiting for directions, once in the middle of the shipping lane on Lake Union (thankfully the fact it had clouded over had reduced the number of boats puttering about). We also kept going "bow six" and then "stern six," which meant, since I was in 5 seat, that I rowed pretty much the whole freaking night without a break. We were also going really, really fast, which seemed kind of unnecessary.

The good stuff: well, once again, my team was cranking out, when we were rowing. We were faster than the other groups again, which was pretty shocking given that we were struggling for direction. But the better stuff was that Randi, the woman in my class who knew me back in the Phoenix days, invited me and shadowdaddy over to her (very near) house afterwards. I first said, "Oh, thanks, we're going to the Comet for pints and some Indian food," but then I remembered how people are so bad about extending invitations around here at all, and how (in my theory) if you don't start seeing people socially while an activity is going on that you're doing (usually work), you usually won't see them afterwards ... and I said yes.

And, you know, it was reallyl delightful at her place; a cute Craftsman two blocks up from Lake Union. She brought out plates of incredible cheeses and rosemary lavosh (with olives, which I skipped), and happily nuked up the tandoori chicken and rice we had with us. I broke down and had a glass of white wine (it wasn't served to me by lilithmagna so somehow it all seemed wrong) as well as a quart or so of water (as class had REALLY dried me out), and her three friends from rowing class joined us on the back patio, overlooking the lake, for some natter and nosh. We got to watch the sun set, and, man ... it was just really pleasant, almost enough to take my dissatisfaction with class right out of my mouth.

Tomorrow we're supposed to do some racing. It will likely be my last class, though I'm allowed to catch up the two we missed at the end of the next section (the one that starts July 3rd). I am looking forward to it, and, you know what? I'm going to stick with it when I get back from my trip. Rowing is fun.