July 4th, 2006

Morning cuppa

It is a far from perfect world

You know it's a far from perfect world when you wake up to discover you have exactly one black tea option. (Okay, there's actually three, but there is NO Darjeeling and I am disturbed.) Kenya Marinyn is a very nice tea but it's not really what I want.

On the other had I found the pint of raspberries I bought at the farmer's market on Sunday, and I'm very happy about that.

Fourth of July brainstorms

I'm back from the Viet Wah with Mansticks Mannikins Manacles Manticores - whatever, little chicken things - and some eggs so I can make devilled eggs again. Boo wants to get in on the fun - she brought a smallish rat in, presumably for some grillin' action. But we have a firm rule around here: No Meat What Is Still Squeaking, so I took it back outside and hoped (though I wish all the rats that live in the ivy dead, in a friendly way) that it wasn't too injured to make it. If nothing else, I gave it a more pleasant end than Boo was planning. Bad Old Puddy Tat (though I'm actually very proud of her, fat old teeny useless Persian that she is).

I also made it to the Talbots at Southcenter mall. The entire trip was a wallet-cleaning shopping festival, no thanks at all to the endless racks of crap Macy's stocks. Target spit in my linen-seeking eye but produced a pair of cowgirl jammies that aren't the tiniest bit sexy but are awfully cute and a work-suitable white shirt; some random salon coughed up the conditioner I've been looking for; and Talbots kindly yielded a 10 gore, black linen skirt as well as the nice three-quarter sleeved shirt I originally went there for. Sadly, the pants that matched were nowhere to be found in the Seattle metropolitan area. I picked up a just-above-the-ankle pair, thinking I could either wear them with a very pointy pair of shoes and try to look extremely styley, or return them as a hopeless experiment (they were a bit much for just casual wear). I've definitely got what I need for my days in the London office, but I'm still not sure if I have what I want for the interview.

That said, I beg for your highly important feedback! And while you're filling this out, I'm going to give the cat some canned food - as, obviously, she needs more protein in her diet - and then I will garden for about half an hour.

Poll #762180 Sticks and stones and chicks and ... clamdiggers

They sell them as drumettes. We call them ...

Mini man sticks
Other (describe)

The above the ankle, tailored black linen capris. Wear them to the interview?

Fine, and even with nice sandals.
Sure, but only with the really nice pointy-toed shoes
Better to wear that long linen skirt
No, no, no! (Please include your suggestion.)
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Fireworks go Boom!

Well, another ULTRA cool fireworks show chez gkr! This year had two noticably new things: a series of white shots that went off of the bow of the ship in quick succession (boom boom boom boom boom boom!), and also these crazy poofy things that looked like flying jellyfish - they went up and down and sideways and were coooool. Too bad I forgot to get a radio out on the dock so we could see how the explosions were synchronized to the music - though even without the music I had a good time, regressing to a potty-mouthed 6 year old. We were so close to the fireworks that I had this brief vision of some SF novel I'd read, where the cloud forms overhead and metamorphoses into the face of the Evil Villain, who then reaches out to grab our hero/ine/s. (Or maybe it was a movie. Ring a bell for anyone?)

Very sorry not to have my sister here with me this year. moriae and poh were good company, however, and very enthusiastic about the devilled eggs and the mansticks. And we liked how we figured out the parking situation right this year and made a quick beeline back to Capitol Hill after it was all over instead of getting stuck in traffic on Eastlake for an hour like last year.

Just so you know I'm a complete burnout: at one point, as the tiny twinkles arced over the barge and down toward the water, I turned to shadowdaddy and said, "Every one of those little stars represents someone whose civil liberties have been trampled on in the wake of 9/11." And he laughed. Ah, bitter irony - goes well with grilled dogs every time.

And with that, a Happy Fourth of July to you all! America - jingoistic since at least 1830 and still going strong!