July 20th, 2006


London update

I must have ingested a quart of water last night. My feeling is that if I hadn't, I'd be feeling hung over this morning. (Er, well, this afternoon, as it just rolled into the noon hour.)

Latest re: job: they want me to submit the visa myself. There's some kind of "urgent" thing you can do when you have a job offer. This is all fine except I still have no idea when everything will be ready, and I also need to have a proper visa. I just worry they'll lose interest while I'm dicking around. I really need to get the letter from my boss and the letter from my former coworker. Aaargh. I'll ask the one I've been reliably in contact with if he'll write the letter for me instead. Wait, no, I'll send it back to Jim and then bug Cort.

Last night: xxxlibris and I had a great time at the ballet and a really good visit to boot. Carlos Acosta was a god and he blew my mind when he was dancing Vaganova’s "Diana & Acteon pas de deux " - there was some thing where he twisted in the air like a cat trying to right himself and I was positive that he was simultaneously defying the laws of gravity, human anatomy, and (possibly) space and time. I gasped, I had goosebumps. Wow. And the girl he was dancing with ... was positively ethereal. I felt like I was seeing all of the A-listers on stage at once and I just loved it. How will I spend my mid-year bonus (the one hopefully waiting for me when I get home)? With season tickets to the Royal Ballet. Oh baby.

I've already got my mind on stuff I need to take care of if I only have a month before I leave ... gum surgery ... year's supply of prescriptions ... kayak trip with shadowdaddy ... I have no idea what I would need to move over here or how I would handle things. It's enough to make my mind spin, though, truth be told, I think this is exactly what this little brain of mine is made for.