July 22nd, 2006


Last Saturday in London

So my version of Brighton Beach Memoirs has a very long prologue and a very dense final act. I don't think Neil Simon wrote a delay equal to 50% of travel time into the original, or had a scene in which a conductor's request to "please stand aside to let more people onto a train" met with responses of,"Where, in the overhead luggage racks, or on our laps?" but that was my experience today. I've never got onto a non-commuter train that had people sitting in the aisles and crammed like sardines in the exit areas, but I almost expected to see goats and chickens on the car today, and maybe some folks hanging on to the roof.

Anyway, Brighton fun but very sad to have missed the Royal Pavillion - consoled myself that it will be there when I return. Oddly, it had cooled down enough today that I don't think it would have mattered where we went, but I loved seeing the sea anyway. (And I wonder what the rocks are that line the beach? I didn't recognize them.) I felt like the whole town was designed to suck the money out of your pockets as you walked through. My favorite thing? The Lanes. Little windy pedestrian streets like that always make me feel like I'm not in Kansas anymore, or even Seattle. (Thing I most wanted to buy? Antique cufflinks depicting the four vices. What a hoot!)

Tonight was karaoke party chez babysimon and trishpiglet, who were both incredibly lovely and sweet, not to mention cute as buttons when they sang together. I also saw somefox, werenerd, jhg (fabulous "Land of a Thousand Dances") and the lovely person I met in Glasgow whose LJ name I do not remember. Poor wechsler headed on home and thus missed me performing a variety of 80's new wave songs that dated me as if I had a birth year stamped on my head, but I was just too thrilled to sing Heaven 17 (with people singing along with the chorus, which utterly rocked my socks), Yazoo, Bow Wow Wow, and Adam and the Ants. (I also threw in some Clarence Carter because it's just so damn fun.)

Find I am missing shadowdaddy, so in many ways it will be good to go home on Monday, where there are people that are dying to give me money to sit in front of a little plastic box just like I am now and give me money for doing so. I hope what I said is true and I'll be back in two months. My fingers are crossed.
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