July 24th, 2006


Countdown to flight: last morning in London

Bleah. So much for being in training today: I was up at 7 as wechsler got ready to go to work, and have been unable to fall back asleep despite heroic efforts to reaquaint myself with unconsciousness. I'm only short about an hour of sleep, so that's not bad - I'll get a nap on the plane, still have plenty of time to get work work done AND get some reading and cross-stitching in on the flight, and be absolutely ready to pass out as soon as I get home. I've got all my packing to do yet, but what I really want is to get myself a full breakfast at some caf. Instead, I'm listening to KEXP (DJ Riz, just as good on tape delay as live) and reading the NY Times review of Rock and Roll to see if I agree with its analysis. And I'm eating, and I suppose I shall do some dishes in a bit as I've certainly dirtied plenty up and it's a polite thing to do when you've been staying at someone's place.

It kind of sucks I still have hours to go before I leave and I don't have anything special to do this morning. I'm reminded of last-minute things shadowdaddy and I have packed in on trips gone by, such as the rush to see the Noguchi exhibit in Madrid (which rocked). Later trips, I suppose.

I have to make plans for when I get back. I have lots of movies to see (who's up for Pirates?), I've got a trip to Long Beach to take, I want to see Richard the Third (oops, missed it already). shadowdaddy, did you buy tickets for you and me and splendid_geryon and ms_vermilion to see the Chris Jeffries show on Friday? And I'll be getting back for a few days of rowing and ... and ... oh, it's just all to much. Please, pick a movie and figure out when we can go see it. (Ooh, Thank You for Smoking is at the Crest ... must see!)