July 26th, 2006


With cat-like tread

Made it to see Pirates of Penzance today, hurrah! (Not the silly Johnny Depp thing, we're talking centuries old high culture. Or middle-brow culture. Or something. Summat. Century old. You know what I mean.) Was pleased that we got $15 rush seats, though sad that "we" was my coworker Vaughn and his girlie. Was shocked Girlie had never heard of G&S ("Is this supposed to be funny?"), or the show itself, or even "Modern Major General." Was truly shocked Vaughn had only heard the Tom Leherer version (the one with the elements) and didn't even know it was G&S or from this show. What is the world coming to? Am I truly a member of some upper echelon of aesthetes? The mind boggles.

Anyway, laughed at the updates to "Modern," really enjoyed seeing so many people I knew from the show last year, had brief moments of panic about the seemingly impending move. Christina Villareale was brilliant as Mabel (god, her voice is FAB!) and blueskitten was, once again, the cutest member of the entire chorus. When it was all said and done, I met up with shadowdaddy at McMenamins and had a wilted spinach salad and a pint of the cider they're now brewing :-D and discussed the moving plans.

Cider + empty stomach = not very coherent cowgirl. Brain go bzz bzz. See y'all tomorrow.