August 5th, 2006

reading is fun-damental

The night is no longer young, I must sleep soon

The Bunraku Noir thing at the Oddfellow's hall was really enjoyable, as was the company of varina8 and her companion. We wound up going to Licorous afterwards (I had been reading their drinks menu and found the idea of drinks with suggested snack accompaniments impossible to resist). Oh, with a full wallet and an empty evening, I could spend oh so many hours there! As it was, it's hard to find any better accompaniment to a drink than intelligent conversation on arts, writing, and the fall of journalism over the last ten years, but chocolate truffle straws were still pretty darned fantastic.

I've decided that while I want to pare my books down dramatically, I also want to acquire some new ones. Specifically, I want to get all the books by Jo Clayton I haven't read yet (many of her books are done as trilogies or even longer series, and while I seem to have many books 2 or 3 I seem very short on book 1s) and also the other Connie Willis titles I haven't finished (since I've only read three of her books, this leaves a nice pile of options). I think I should also make an attempt to see Rounders, as, shall we say, job research. Now all I need is more time.