August 8th, 2006


The nubbin of coal you pinch between your fingers is what remains of my brain

The last three evenings have likely been excellent, but mostly I've been too busy stressing to really let myself go and enjoy them. Tonight we kayaked from Lake Union to Golden Gardens via the locks, and it was great. My favorite part was sitting in the locks, in my little kayak, holding on to a knob on the wall as the water seeped out of the big concrete box. I also really enjoyed seeing gigantic salmon leaping out of the water (what were they, three feet long? Huge!) and also seeing the bunches of tiny fish just past the locks (in the salt water) that were jumping out of the water like popcorn. The bizarre bird nesting area (dried squash hanging from old pilings) in front of Ray's Boathouse was pretty cool, too, but mostly the trip was just about the ride, about two hours of paddling and watching the world go by.

Now yesterday was about a fantastic silent movie (John Barrymore's Don Juan) and then a very late dinner at Maekawa with trenchwench and shadowdaddy, and the night before was about slipping away to Greenlake with my adored splendid_geryon to watch little paper lanterns be set free on the water under the nearly full moon, but somehow all the noise in my head is so very loud I'm having a hard time being where I am. I haev noticed, though, that the J. Alfred Prufrock seems to have taken a powder; no more measuring my life out in coffee spoons or wondering if I dare to eat a peach. For me, I think, the peach is ripe and juicy and dripping in my hand; my mouth is hovering above it and I am about to take that first, delicious bite.