August 9th, 2006


The shedding continues

Tonight was, I think, a very successful evening. I was pretty crushed from work (boy who tries to pull rank, I bitch-slap your face; boy whom I stood up for lunch, I plead bad of brane) and left early, claiming I needed to take shadowdaddy some Dayquil. Instead, we sat around catching up on our days and chatting, then took a super-long snooze upstairs before he headed out to the Madrid soccer game.

I was really in no state to see a movie, especially given that the knot in my shoulders was about the size of the average throw pillow, so no splendid_geryon tonight (he also not well, we'll do Maekawa Sunday instead), and no gaming with oneirophage. Instead, I ...

took a big pile of my books and went to sell them. The book thing was a huge success. Horizon took none but had two of the books on my Jo Clayton list for half off their usual splendid prices, and I was even able to pay for them with the tiny pile of cash in my wallet. Meanwhile, Twice Sold Tales (of the many cats) was positively creamy with joy over my offerings, and I received a sweet $32 in trade, which I immediately reduced through the purchase of another Jo Clayton book and Charles Stross's Singularity Sky (Accelerando was a total winner, so I figured, why not). My Clayton purchases leave me with Wildfire, Moonscatter, Skeen's Leap, Blue Magic, and Dancer's Rise to polish off my collection. (wordknitter, care to look for them at the Horizon near your house?)

Afterwards I went by corvuscrx's place to drop off about 50 Star Wars comic books I'd pulled out of a box in the basement. Hey, an empty box is an empty box, right? He seemed pretty darned pleased with the whole thing (and I did find my Doctor Strange comic books tonight, though I just might take them somewhere to sell as I'm feeling the pennies pinching me). I had a nice sit-down with him and the freshly-arrived butterflake, but felt the call of the basement and headed back out.

Once in the basement, I actually felt like I was making some progress. I'd guess I emptied three boxes tonight. I ditched piles of notes from my Chinese classes (and found the classical Chinese text books I was hoping to give robot_mel), but found myself unable to part with my term papers (well, some of them) and bad college poetry. "Hey," I told myself, "I can post these on the internet." But, really, I don't have time to type them up or even scan them right now, so into another box (partially emptied) they went. It's not like I have to get rid of everything, after all.

Object of humor: a monster I made up and put into my old monster manual. It's a "sztharn." All I could think about when I was looking at the drawing was Napoleon Dynamite talking about the liger. (Also found: a stats sheet for a pink dragon, "offspring of a red and white dragon." Don't think it's made it into the standard monster manual yet. (PS: if you want my monster manual, it's up for grabs.))

Second object of humor: a sticker saying, "I'm delicious, take me home." I was going to scan it and add it to my LJ icons but it seems to have floated off somewhere.

Er, ah, and I have several other things I want to find new homes for: margarita glasses (4), a rice cooker (any takers for $5?), a coffee maker, a Mexican-themed bowl good for serving chips at parties (brand new from Crate & Barrel, not my style), and ... well, piles of clothes. Eventually all the books I don't sell will be up for grabs, too. Anyway, if you want those things, let me know - and if you want to be nice and give me the Jo Clayton books I lack, let me know about that, too.

Uh ... and my uncle wants to come up and see us. That's good news. I sure hope we can find a weekend that works, though.