August 10th, 2006

Holo Holo Girl

Rock and roll high school

I went to Pilates for the first time in two months today. As usual, I left feeling pretty darned chipper. I'm overwhelmed by Stuff, but at least the knots in my shoulder seemed to be working themselves out. And, really, I was too absorbed thinking about how to get my body to do X to think about the Y that is Stuff.

I continued avoiding Stuff once I got home. shadowdaddy had ordered a pizza on the way to pick me up from the gym, which we ate as soon as we got home (and I downed with the first of two bottles of cider). Yum! Hot Mama's really knows how to make 'em right. Then tonyawinter showed up and we plunged into Games. A bit later oneirophage appeared, and we re-dealt Alhambra and started again. Emily and (former Cacophonite and Seattle resident) Jared came back from dinner and hung out while we played. Emily took over for oneirophage, only to lose to tonyawinter She departed, Jared sat down, and it was a moderately violent round of Citadels (thanks, irrationalrobot!), which tonyawinter also won.

Anyway, good night all in all though I'm quite tired now. Tomorrow, off to Golden Gardens to meet shadowdaddy after work, as he'll be there for a work function, then we'll go back to Capitol Hill for a nice dinner with Jared at Osteria La Spiga. Yum!