August 12th, 2006

reading is fun-damental

Window display, University District Twice Sold Tales


I even bought some books! One Jo Clayton and the infamous Gloriana - haven't finished working my way through my credit slip yet but I'm getting there. Narrowly avoided getting started on Remembrance of Things Past (blame Alison Bechdel for that one), but I'll probably find a copy somewhere that I really want and grab it before I leave.

Idea: how about asking people for a copy of "the best book you've ever read" as a going away present? I think it would be great but I'm worried if enough people take me up on it, it might be a lot to carry ...

A comic interlude

I think for the next month or so I'm going to do a tarot card of the day. I found this site, which generates random cards, but it suffers from not saying what the cards are called, so any recommendations for a better card would be appreciated. At any rate, I did recognize the card it gave me as "The Lovers." Per Wikipedia, I am given this fortune to think upon, which I find fascinating as it relates so strongly to my moving:

The Lovers is associated with the star sign Gemini, and indeed is also known as The Twins in some decks. (I consider myself a Gemini, FYI.)

The Lovers represent the impulse that drives us out of the garden, towards adulthood. Collapse )

Now, good Indian food and a silly movie about Nascar drivers, I think.

Things that need homes, post one of many

Okay, I've got some kind of neat stuff in the basement. Some of it might be something you'd like. In general, if you like antique-y stuff from the 40s/50s in your kitchen, could you say something here so I could let you know what's coming through? I hate sending all of this on to the Goodwill but I just can't take it all with me (as they say).

All of this is free except for the first item. Ask for what you'd like most first if you want more than one item. I'd like to try to balance this stuff out among folks if many people are interested. And I don't deliver. I'm sure you understand why.

Rice cooker. $5. I don't think it's been used at all; it was bought for us but ... I cook rice on top of the stove.
Lime green casserole dish with lid. This would seem like a horror but it's actually a vintage item from an American pottery company. I think it's neat but I already have, um, three other casserole dishes and I think ultimately I can only keep one.
Paper making kit. Still sealed in plastic.
Cute 70s candle making kit, with molds and (I think) much of the wax.
Little hand loom. Good for making place-mat sized things.
Every thing you could possibly need to do batik - book, wax melter, wax, dyes, the whole nine yards.

And I have stuff I have put aside for people: hats for moriae, new wave and D&D stuff for poh, a book of ballads for wingedelf, excellent books on dog care for thedivas, a few beautiful dresses I think would be perfect for theda. Anyone want some Halloween decorations? I need to ditch those, too.

I actually finished two books tonight that I'd been working on for over a year (a critical analysis of Phillip Pullman and Fast Food Nation) and I balanced the checkbook and I made it through two more boxes downstairs (this was mostly pretty quality stuff and the boxes had a lot of space in them) so I'm feeling pretty accomplished. And I found a book I was pretty sure I'd lost (fallen behind the speaker in the living room). Maybe I can go to bed now.