August 16th, 2006

Bad Spelling Suxx

Would you say the earth is flat?

Great editorial about the sad state of science education in American in the New York Times (yesterday's paper, click the link to read). I love this quote:

"A key concern should not be whether Dr. Abrams’s religious views have a place in the classroom, but rather how someone whose religious views require a denial of essentially all modern scientific knowledge can be chairman of a state school board."

Zep; Books; Booze; Rat; Bike

I met up with varina8 and went to the Ellen Forney reading at Elliot Bay. I wound up sitting two seats over from Sherman Alexie, who's work I've never read and about whom I really know nothing.

Damn, Ellen is funny! Her "My date with Camille Paglia" bit rocked. And she looked HOT in her little white cut-out dress. Dang. Of course I bought the book and got it signed, chatting all the while with varina8 about moving and stuff. Afterwards, we went upstairs and I found another Jo Clayton book in the used section! W00t, how could we not go to Marcus's Martini Heaven to celebrate?

Home at 9:30, I discovered my teensy little Persian had caught a full sized rat. No more little 'uns for her, she's taking on her own size now! Then flaminghalo came by and took my cute old Schwinn away. I was sad to see it go but I could hardly imagine a better home - she was already in love with it before they met. Soon I'm hoping I'll sell enough stuff to be able to buy my own shiny laptop. But ... where do I get the awesome brocade bag to hold it in? I've lost the card from the merchant who had them at I Heart Rummage but I still want to buy one!

PS: Today's card: Queen of Cups: A person of generous and loving nature, graceful and sparkling as a mountain stream, or deep and serene as a country lake. A poetess, musician or actress.

Not sure what that means as a fortune.