August 22nd, 2006


Up too late but not a bad evening

"The sun shines on shop signs." "Sister Susie's sewing shirts for soldiers."

You know a tongue-twister is going to give you trouble when you can't type it.

I think I got through a nice pile of stuff last night. I found a baby picture of me and some super cute ones of me at about 2 years (with a pink stuffed animal). I also found the mysterious missing Yixing tea pots, stuffed in a box with about 10 nice teacups that used to belong to my great-grandmother. A phonecall later and I was set up for a visit with ms_vermilion and (surprisingly) splendid_geryon, who toted the six I could bear to part with away in preparation for a tea party this weekend. Splendid brought me "things you can enjoy now and don't have to pack," which turned out to be strawberry ice cream and dark chocolate Petite Ecoliers, "little soldiers to help you pack." The company was very enjoyable, though I was frustrated that I couldn't find my freaking Mishima books to give to Splendid (kimono and obi now gone, though). shadowdaddy returned about as they were leaving, and we sit and talked and planned while I finished a load of dishes and magically failed to get my butt in bed until after midnight. Grr. Oh well. I don't feel nearly as bad as I did yesterday morning, and that's good enough for me.

Pilates after work, then more packing tonight. And one more tongue twister:

Theophilus Thistle, the thistle-sifter, sifted a sieve of unsifted thistles. If Theophilus Thistle, the thistle-sifter, sifted a sieve of unsifted thistles, where is the sieve of unsifted thistles Theophilus Thistle, the thistle-sifter, sifted? (There's an alternate version with a refernce to TT "thrust[ing] three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb," but it's a bit silly.)