August 27th, 2006


Sips some 2nd flush Makaibari Darjeeling and makes silent obeisances to Caffeina

Oh, I slept the slept of the stressed and ill-fed last night, up five or six times, long stretches of being awake, my stomach groaning with unhappiness at how much food I'd tossed into it over the course of the long evening at Galerias. I know I'm behind with my work. There's just too much to do an not enough time, and I've been wasting my time but it's hard for it to feel wasted when the time I spend with friends is stuff I can't put off until later.

Gah. We've got to the point where I can't find things. I've been trying to construct ironymaiden's gift bag and have been held up by the missing Batik book, though I've found all of the square dancing dresses (one, at the bottom of a bag of muu muus, was rather a shocking thought connection). I condensed some boxes into "stuff to go to my brother's" and "the two things I am willing to carry with me to England," today including a lovely glass cheese plate with a base decorated with roses and bluebird, absolutely lovely and a startling contrast to my own grubby, news-print-stained-self. I also need to get the bag of further goodies for ms_vermilion constructed, and I ened to find a way to get trenchwench her casserole.

Okay, enough. Back into it.