August 29th, 2006

Bad Spelling Suxx

Every day the list grows a little longer

Well, so 800cheapseats (or is now on my List O' Poo as they spent almost three days telling me I had a seat on a flight, or most assuredly had no reason to think I wouldn't havea seat on a flight, then they waited so long to process my ticket (for no reason I could imagine) that the ticket was NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

To make it extra special, the Ms. Harrison I talked to today told me I was being insulting when I said I didn't understand how their processes worked, that I could call them SIX TIMES since I made my reservation and be told every single time that everything should be fine.

I wrote them a letter of burning hatred and have now spent an hour searching for a fare at that rate to no avail. (I can't do this at Tripadelic because we're blocked from most travel websites - not by my employer, but by the competition, who doesn't want us peeking.) I really needed to get a good night's sleep but instead I'm all pumped full of aggravation and have NO idea when I'm going to get a ticket to get over there. GRRRRRrrrrrRRRRR. Burn, Ms. Harrison, burn.
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