August 30th, 2006


Boing. Boom Chak.

Well, something just bounced off the back of the toilet and into the bowl, as it was flushing. I didn't have my glasses on and have no idea what I just lost. It didn't make a "poink" after the "plunk" so it wasn't likely jewelry. Hmm.

I got a phone call from my vacationing hairstylist, and she will make me pretty at 10:30 the day before I leave. Yay!

I slept until 8:30 again today (thus getting me near the 8 hour mark) and will now go get bagels from the Bagel Deli for the very last time boo hoo. Oh well. I'm looking forward to breakfast!

Wow, I'm at the week countdown for work. Scary.
disco ball

Ain't no holding back now
to me
More options 2:34 pm (1 hour ago)

Your application has been approved and the visa has been issued.

This is an automated message - do not respond to this email address as incoming mail is not answered. If you need to reply telephone the office dealing with your application, quoting your reference number.

This means I have my permission to enter the country. All I need is to get my passport back and that, with my plane ticket, means I am definitely leaving next Thursday.

I was so excited I napped for an hour. Worrying time is over! Good times ahead! Carpe Diem! Hakuna Matata! W00T!

God, I think it's time for some serious drinkin'!
Pink poodle

Stuff! Stuff! GAH!

I'm going through the records right now, and it's killing me! So much beautiful album art, so many memories in there! And how can I say (going through about one inch of the collection) NO to K. C. and the Sunshine band, and YES to Lene Lovich? And goodbye forever to all of the Joy Division and Bauhaus and Kraftwerk? I know that all of the things I'm saying NO to are available on CD, but man! My collection of soundtracks to musicals will NEVER be so good again!

Hey, but I'm still totally in a good mood now that I've got the visa approved. :-D