September 2nd, 2006


GREAT start to the day

I did not wake up to burn my hand on a fresh-out-of-the-oven pan first thing this morning.

Okay, I definitely did other things before this happened, but it was at this point that I was really and truly awake.

It's unfair that it's so nice outside and I'm cursed to spend the weekend packing

Sometime around 3 shadowdaddy and Aimee headed out to take Shadow to Mercer Island for a bit of running and swimming at Luther Burbank Park, while I went back upstairs and continued rooting around in the horror that is the bedroom closet (while talking to a very sympathetic wechsler about my Very Bad Day At Work). About an hour and a half later m_cobweb and darkmane came by (I was The Skankiness). She gave me an adorable stuffed poodle and a cowgirl nightlight, and we had a nice, if slightly rushed visit (due to me being completely mental about needing to keep packing). shadowdaddy tried to distract me with a rootbeer float, which helped, but the real win was Aimee's plan to have us go to Mama's Mexican Kitchen for dinner. "Yeah," I thought, "I can sit down and make the lists I need to make of what I need to get accomplished, and I can get some drankin' in."

Two margaritas later, I found myself staring at the event posters near the bathroom and feeling the signs of Impending Crippling Sadness hitting me as I thought about all of the things coming up that I would be missing. I also wanted to steal the two framed pastel drawings of Pepe le Moko, apparently a black poodle, that were in the women's bathroom, but I restrained myself. We were also shocked to run into Ivana formerly of Webgrrls, and we had a bit of a chat about my upcoming plans.

The robbery of the evening occurred at Half Price Books, which took about 40 books of mine and gave me $8 in return. Thanks, guys, at least you saved me the trip to Goodwill, but don't you think you could have done a little better? Meanwhile, we spent about $80, even at 20% off, and came out with CDs, two DVDs (Guys and Dolls and A Touch of Zen), and a fairly respectable pile of books (including a nice Weekend Walks in Britain and a fun pile of Taschen picture books).

Now we're home and I feel dehydrated. Watch me fall asleep earlier than I have all week long.