September 4th, 2006


Lost in the basement

WELL .... it turns out I wasn't through with the basement quite yet. I only wanted to go through one last box, but suddenly there were three more I hadn't seen before, all full of stuff. And it turned out that throwing envelopes away without opening them wasn't really a good idea; lots of photos were in them. Big score of the night: the black and red dragon silk I bought in China back in '88. I want to have it made into a messenger bag. We'll see.

Another amusing find: The story of UNIX. "And so it was that poor little Unix began to go insane. It retreated steadily into a dreamworld, the only place where it felt safe. It took heroin and dreamed of being a real operating system. It too LSD and dreamed of being a raspberry flavored three-toed yak. It liked tht better. As Unix became increasingly attracted to LSD, it would spend weekends reading Hunter S. Thompson and taking cocktails of acid and speed while writing crazed poetry in which it found deep meaning but no one else could understand." Fortunately this is available online so I can throw it out safely.

Otherwise: we spent a lot of day getting my three suitcases packed. I'm having a hard time with Delta's 50 pound limit; when you're packing for two months and a season change (and you like to read and you drink tequila), the bags tend to get heavy. I've pulled in a carry-on bag to help redistribute, but I still need to put shampoo, socks, and undies in the main bags. Ooh, and the carry rack. Then we had some Ethiopian food with ms_vermilion and splendid_geryon at Lalibela, did some shopping, and went back to cleaning. Now we're going to watch Lain again for a bit and drink some plum wine and chill out. Dang, we're both really tired.