September 6th, 2006

Holo Holo Girl

The world is my oyster

I'm feeling like the world is my oyster today. The man at the shoe store (Angel) did my repairs in less than a day; I walked into Horizon Books thinking "I want a copy of David Raban's Waxwings," and they had it, and it was 50% off of the price marked in the cover; Scream hair salon had just got a shipment of the hair color I use in today and was able to send me off with a fresh bottle of Special Effects in Blood Red; the guy I want to have do our taxes was in when I called at a quarter 'til 6; thedivas was able to come over and get a lesson in poodle care that I was really anxious to pass on before I departed.

So ... all good, and the caffeine from the tea about has me shaking right now, in part, no doubt, because I have no actual food in my stomach. We'll go fix that as soon as I get a scarf on my head - with the fresh application of dye, I look like I was just in a wreck, and I don't want to go scaring anyone.