September 8th, 2006


I'm arrived

Uh. Slept 3 of 4 hours to Cincinnati, then, through the miracle of melatonin and sleep dep, slept 6 of 7 hours to London.

Am pleased to say was indeed met at airport by team of shetland ponies, carefully tucked under the
hood of a VW Golf with a really big trunk, and my luggage made it here after we made a brief detour through Ikea for some Swedish meatballs (JUST missed the 99 p breakfast, which I will now studiously attempt to buy at some point in the future).

I will now get in more sleep. Shall be at Bmovie tonight. I look forward to seeing you all there.
Morning cuppa

Dreaming of being in England, waking and dreaming of home

I was just dreaming I was in England, worrying about being late to B-movie. Hmm. I think a little getting out of bed will take care of THAT problem, but I was right when I told shadowdaddy (in my dream) that not having a plane ticket was going to make it very difficult for him to come with me.

Also, I've often made jokes about how my cat would swat at the keys when she was sitting on my lap and using the computer because I was not checking her friends list like she wished I was. Now I find a cartoon about a blogging cat. I'm sure the thought was not original for either of us but I do think he captures what Boo would say on a blog much better than I.

Hmm. Was just reminiscing about tea at Virginia's place, and how drinking the tea at the teashop the next weekend was merely a pale imitiation of the fine host/ess/ing and fantastic views I had at her lovely house, despite the lack of log-hewn-into-tea-table and a tea professional. I should probably see about some tea now. Where's my view of Puget Sound, my Stellar's Jay, and my shaggy blond tea host? Shall do my best with what's available to me but shall also be missing that lovely day.

Sort of my welcome party

I went to Bmovie with wechsler tonight for what I'm treating as my "Welcome to London!" party. spikeylady told me, "Just as there were a lot of goodbyes, tonight there are a lot of hellos." It was good to think that there's more than just leaving behind happening in my life, and really good to see so many people I know I can lean on if I'm starting to become overwhelmed by it. (I mean, I am overwhelmed, just, you know, more than I feel like dealing with.)

Brief role call: the above plus ciphergoth ("I pull with Perl!"), cookwitch, valkyriekaren, d_floorlandmine (pictures up soon, I'm sure), reddragdiva, arkady, trishpiglet, babysimon, adjectivemarcus, a very unexpected xxxlibris, kitty_goth, uh, uh ... I'm really tired, okay? Lots of people.

After nap and then tea time, wechsler and I went for a walk in, er, a really big park in Brixton. Badgermead? Something like that. Man, the jet lag is hitting. We could see downtown London, the Gherkin and Canary Wharf, from a hill nearby. Tomorrow I'm going to look at flats and go to a garden party in the afternoon. But now, really, really, I'm going to bed. I'm beat.