September 10th, 2006


That was a better night's sleep

Well, I was up coughing a lot last night, but slept pretty decently last night and didn't wake up this morning all wrecked like yesterday. I actually pulled my Circulon frying pan out of the suitcase it was hiding in (note to shadowdaddy: please go back to City Kitchens and buy me those pans!) and used it to make French toast this morning as it's so fantastically non sticking and the pan I'd used yesterday had refused to come clean (grr). (Note: still struggling to get a good texture with "streaky bacon" and to NOT get shells in with my eggs; they are so much thicker over here it's hard to judge right.)

As is typical for my Sundays I will now go back to bed for a nap. I'm not going to the ballet today; ticket prices seem too high for me. My ideal would probably be watching The New Legend of Shaolin on a couch somewhere, but I think what's likely to occur is that wechsler and I will do some shopping and maybe play some games. Tomorrow will be Day of Much Flat Hunting. I should call estate agents and leave messages.

I am sorry I did not get to talk to shadowdaddy before I went to bed last night. Hon, if you see this, will you call me? I'd lke to hear what you thought of the pictures of the flat I looked at yesterday.

That wasn't so bad

Today was a pretty slack day. I did the usual up, breakfast, back to bed, then ... well, lazed, I guess. I was very slow making it out of the house (I think the one hour naps, much longer than normal for me, are responsible for this). We were intending on going to the City of London museum (as I was wanting to figure out just what parts of the city got bombed during the war), but we didn't make it to Tottenham Court Road until 3, by which time wechsler was nearly dead from lack of food. (My schedule's all screwed up, I feel like I could manage to eat exactly one meal a day and ice cream around 10 PM and I'd be fine.) That done, going to the Barbican was just too much, so we (obviously) walked to the British Museum, where I spent an hour getting halfway through one room. Afterwards, we got some Coffee and Cake at the obvious place (and I got my phone call from shadowdaddy, yay), then failed to get groceries as apparently the London grocery stores call it a day quite early on Sundays. Oh well, I'll get it figured out eventually.

Tonight we broke in "Loot," the game my brother gave me before I left. It was fairly good, but seems like it'd be way more fun with more people. Now it's earlier to bed than I have been going; big day of looking at flats tomorrow, hopefully I'll make an offer on one before the day is out.

Rest of week: see spikeylady post-flat-hunting.
Tuesday: start job. Possibly go to BU.
Wednesday: second day at job, nervous breakdown around 6:45 while on Tube.
Thursday: wash rinse and repeat (just guessing).

Oh yeah, I didn't cry today at all though I did get blue right before I got my phone call, and a little blue again around 8. This seems like progress. However, I've forgotten my iron pills - how could I! - and will need to buy some more soon so I don't run out of energy at the same time I'm running out of nerve.