September 11th, 2006

Mano Poderosa

The estate agents can bite me

I saw no houses today. I am considering making an offer on the flat I saw Saturday, as it was pretty cool and I liked the garden and flat hunting is Ass.

HSBC did not have an account for me when I went to see about it today so I can't give my new work my info for direct deposit. They, like the estate agents (especially the one who cancelled on me for today), can bite me.

wechsler and I went to the Natural History Museum this afternoon in an attempt to salvage some of the day. We looked at an exhibit about bugs (well, arthropods, really) and bunches and bunches of fish fossils, great big ones. Then I went to Streatham and hung out with spikeylady and then had dinner with her and ergotia and lilithmagna. The food was really good and the company was, as always, spectacular. It was nice and I felt very much not stressed out.

Now I'm just tired as can be. I'm unfortunately tempted to stay up and read Ellen Kushner's The Privilege of the Sword, which I pretty much have read every moment I could for the last 24 hours. Damn that woman and her nauseatingly compelling story telling style! I have a new job to start tomorrow and I need to get some sleep!