September 12th, 2006

Sea dragon

First day at work

Made it here and am alive though things seem really surreal. Doing tutorial on baccarat at present. Am coming in tomorrow evening for "how to bet" workshop; have rescheduled a viewing from then to today so shall look at two places tonight and then hopefully make it to the Blue Posts.

Whew! And sodas are 30 p and I have a Dr. Pepper 'cuz this girl is TIRED.

Not sure what rules are on internet usage at work so will keep this short. Cowgirl, over ...
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Morning cuppa

Not with a bang but a whimper

Dang, I'm totally wiped. After work (I left a little early; they'll have me in training from 7-9:45 tomorrow so I've got a bit of time to monkey around with) I went to Victoria Station and looked at a flat on St. George's Street in Pimlico. Conclusion: like college dorm room but with bigger living room and decent kitchen. Too small. Then I went to Fulham, except every Chelsea fan in London was trying to get on the same train so I was 1) late and 2) sweaty. (It was really like a scene from a commercial for deodorant.) There I was taken to two flats, neither of which was the garden flat I was expecting. The first was outfitted like a really cheap hotel and depressed me, though it was supposed to have a good location, at 325 pounds a week; the second had a much nicer layout but cost more (340 a week?), had a smaller kitchen, and was probably only for rent for a year. Gah.

I was getting so hungry afterwards I was starting to feel nauseous, so I grabbed a chicken salad sandwich and went to the Blue Posts. I probably shouldn't have bothered and should have just gone home but, I don't know, I was halfway there already and ... eh. Anyway, I stayed for all of half an hour and one pint and realized I was becoming incoherent and went home at nine. I'm there now, at 9:42 (still need to get my LJ time adjusted, apparently) and I'm going to take a shower and go to bed.

RE work: didn't make an ass of myself on the first day, so I'll consider it a success.