September 15th, 2006

Mano Poderosa

Workie day 2 and 3

I have had a few moments in the last two days where I've been sitting somewhere or walking down the street and suddenly gone, "My God, how did I get here!" It might seem unreal except for the feeling of desperately, painfully wanting to fall asleep that has hit me at 3 PM each day - that is just far too real.

I got an intro Wednesday to whom I'm going to be supervising - four guys with a wide variety of experience. I also found out my boss is not at all whom I expected - it's the head of engineering! This is because we're organized in line of business channels instead of functional areas. Odd to have someone who doesn't know anything about QA judging my work. Then yesterday I finally got my big 20 minute sit down with the guy who's my boss. He has all sorts of plans for me, such as getting an automation strategy together for the team and taking over as many of his meetings as he can pawn off on me. In my eyes they've got piles of business maturity to still achieve; forget peer review of test plans, they don't even write them!

I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the big project we have coming up for next month, so I can figure out how many people we need to have working on it and what kind of prep work we need to do. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in some serious mundanities, such as figuring out how the test case tracking software works and what the company standards are for bug writing.

I left work early to bus down to Putney (a straight shot on the 220, very sweet!) and look at a flat, which I liked well enough to put an offer in on. However, the contract the agent sent me to sign last night didn't have the price we'd discussed, so I'm not faxing it back until it looks like I think it should. This would be the schwanky city living pad as opposed to the relaxed garden living flat; a fifth floor Victorian apartment with views of the river and a really great street scene - all nicely blocked out (noise-wise) with double paned windows. I'll post links later if it's still relevant. Moving in date would be mid to early October. It's a long time to keep mooching but I think the pasta e fagiole has got me looking like a pretty ace houseguest so hopefully it won't be a problem for me to stay until then.

Oh yeah. I don't think I said it before but my not-boss told me that they looked for me for seven months, interviewing candidate after candidate. How sweet is that?
Pink poodle

A few comments before I bury myself in work

First, one of my colleagues (who sits kitty-corner from me) is an American and, apparently, a devout Republican. This makes him the butt of jokes throughout the day. I, of course, find this most delicious.

Second, pictures of shadowdaddy's birthday party here. Sniff. Lots of people I know, one person I want to slap. Maybe I'll yet write her and tell her about how she made me have a breakdown at a friend's wedding last summer. Or not. Anyway, the pictures make me miss him (*sniff*). He does look might cute in them.

Third, offer thingie has been faxed off. Shall now sit down and wait. Will try to post pictues later.

Stressing out

So haggling with the agent over the flat just made me feel really blue. I'm sure there's something in the neighborhood that doesn't have a sparkly river view but does have a little garden in the back where I could make things grow. I decided that rather than just faxing him back the contract I'd go for a walk and try to visit the bank in Hammersmith (they said I don't exist, FYI - no idea where that big deposit has run off to). Walking on the banks of the river, I could see all sorts of birds, including some wild swans. Across the river was some dog, barking barking barking at the birds, and suddenly ...

I missed my dog

I missed my garden

I missed running up the two flights of stairs to my house and bursting indoors, and

I realized/remembered all of those things were gone.

And I was sad. I still am. I need a cheer up. Glad I hate crying at work so much, or I'd feel much more out of control right now.
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I have been here for just one week

I've managed to get through two books in one week, though Connie Willis' Uncharted Territory was practically a short story and Ellen Kushner is just too fucking good to put down (so it's just unfair to have a book of hers indicate what a great reader I've become now that I've moved), and may I add how dare she have so few books in print.

At any rate, if you'd like to read a fantastic and impossible to put down book about a young woman forced to become a swordsman in some alternate universe, let me know, as it's sitting here in the flat and needs to be read by about five or six more people.

I am feeling pretty good about all of the books I brought because I AM really tearing through them! Just wish all books were as enjoyable as the ones I started with, though Jo Clayton's Skeen's Leap has already started weaving its web around me.

Nice night at the pub with ciphergoth, babysimon, and some_fox (and others), feeling a bit better now. Really looking forward to a solid night's sleep, but first I think I'll have some Ben & Jerry's. But first some lyrics, in part for my brother and husband but really for me, because I love this song but don't have it here to listen to:

"Sit beside the breakfast table
Think about your troubles
Pour yourself a cup of tea
Then think about the bubbles
You can take your teardrops
And drop 'em in a teacup ...
Take them down to the riverside
And throw them over the side ..."