September 18th, 2006


Bad molar!

I woke up around 2 with one of my molars hurting. What could be wrong? I had it checked out before I left! I thought maybe some food had started forcing my teeth apart, and got up and flossed, but an hour later it maybe felt only a little better and this morning it's not all well like it should be for something that didn't hurt at all at 11 PM. Then I looked at one of my eye teeth and it looks like it's turning brown or something. I mean, maybe it's the morning light, but what if all of my teeth are suddenly rotting out? Help!

Lots and lots of work today, realized over the weekend I had piles of documents to read still and had only barely got started on them. Sigh.
Sea dragon

Oh, slop of doom!

I just dumped half a cup of some kind of soup with chickpeas in it on my desk. It got on my mouse pad and even made it under my desk, where I picked some of it up on my skirt after I thought I'd cleaned the mess up. This is of course all the fault of the chef who didn't come to work today and made it impossible to order the £3.25 "Thai Chicken with Noodles" for lunch, throwing me on the mercy of the cafeteria next door and the unbeatable £1.90 combo of samosa and soup. Fortunately, despite the open office, nobody saw this act of extreme gracelessness.

The reference company wants my bank details, which of course I don't have, because HSBC is ass. They also want a reference check for Mr. Cowgirl, which is stupid because his details are the same as mine excepting that he doesn't have a job. I think it's just an excuse to get another £40 out of us.
Mano Poderosa

Why lettings agents are The Stupid

Agent: I can't read the expiration date on your visa, can you please recopy it?
Me: The copy is very clear, I suspect the problem is with the fax machine.
Agent: Well, can you refax it?
Me: I don't see how the quality of the fax will improve if I do that.
Agent: Can you bring it by the office, then?
Me: What, take an hour and a half off work to get this to you? What about you drive up the road and get it from me?
Agent: No, I can't do that. (Though she has a car and spends all day driving around and is about 10 minutes away.) We need your bank information.
Me: I said in my email that I do not yet have a bank account.
Agent: Oh, I didn't get that yet.
Me: I sent it over an hour ago.
Agent: Well, I guess I'll have to check it. When do you think you'll have a bank account?
Me: Like I said in the email, by the end of the week.
Agent: What about items we need to have faxed from your husband? I haven't received them yet.
Me: As I said in the email, I've asked him to send them to you, but not until your day is over as he is in the states and there is a time difference.
Agent: What about the reference information for your husband? I haven't received a form for him.
Me: I wasn't told one was necessary.
Agent: Why is that?
Me: I don't know, I'm not an agent.
Agent: I'm trying to figure out the logic here behind why you were told you didn't need a reference for your husband.
Me: Well, you could ask the agent, but if you think about it you'll note he doesn't have a job, a bank account, or a UK address, and otherwise his information is identical to mine, including the address and such. I can't possibly see why you'd need to do a reference check on him as there's just no information to gather.
Agent: Well, that doesn't mean we don't need to do a reference check.

(I am wondering if this is just a ploy to get an additional £40 out of me, this is so irritating! Now I'm going to run upstairs and put the envelope with the xerox of my visa in the mail. I guess it couldn't have been too important since she wouldn't come up here to get it!)
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Sea dragon

"Come home and read you tickety-tock"

Today I was the Enjoli Woman. I brought home the bacon (well, pork chops) AND fried them up in a pan, and made baby potatoes, country gravy (in the same pan as the pork chops) AND the kale with garlic and bacon recipe I rocked the socks off of Thanksgiving dinner with last year (just how poorly constructed is that sentence, anyway?) (though there was no kale, there were only "greens" of a variety I did not recognize, so I used spinach), and I think I did it all within half an hour of getting into the flat. I actually wanted to make the chicken, but realized as I was heading out the door that I'd be cooking until 9 PM if I did so ... no go.

Comments on today: tube was crap both ways (Victoria line closed down when I left this AM so had to pick up the Northern at Stockwell, only every train for ten minutes was too full to get on; was late to work; home, the District Line train I was on 1) insisted on sitting on the track and doing nothing "to improve spacing," like I cared and 2) was full of some kind of fumes that started getting me nauseous, a feeling made worse by ... sitting on the tracks. And the Victoria line train on the way back sat around, too. Time home: one hour ten minutes, with ten minute Tesco stop to buy greens and pork). The Red Bull I had at 2 PM probably really helped me have a very productive day at work, but (item three in "today") I didn't have it soon enough to keep me from getting my, "I'm Falling Asleep But I'm Trying to Listen to You Speaking" moment. I can't wait until I live near enough to work that most of the crappy part of today will go away forever.