September 21st, 2006


I'm adjusted, I'm not adjusted - potayto, potahto

Ever wonderered where my food pictures have gone? Well, the phone service I have does NOT allow me to email photos (or get voice mail for that matter) - the pictures I've posted have been uploaded from my US phone.

However, what's almost as important is that I'm just not SEEING the kind of food I'd normally post (last night's dinner being an exception). For example, on Monday at work I went into the cafeteria at work and saw a woman CHOOSE a baked ("jacket" in the local lingo) potato with TUNA on top and then BAKED BEANS on top of that. It's so wrong that I would, in fact, normally want to post it, but it's not like you can just lean over and say, "Hey, wow, that's so gross! Mind if I take a picture?" I thought I'd pass it on, though.

I'm also thinking of doing a post called "shallow fashion details" with info about what people are wearing in London right now. I see lots of 'em on my ride in (and back) in the mornings and have been making some conclusions about what's going on clothes-wise. Interested in hearing about it? Let me know ...

Today, in a nutshell or two

First, I had a long meeting with my boss to discuss resource allocation and I KICKED ASS. I was utterly on top of all the work my team was doing, I had dates for all sorts of projects and ALL of the potential resources that would be working on it, including when they'd be available. I was completely helpful and stunningly organized given it's, oh, what, my EIGHTH day. All hail me!

Second, you know those interviews you have with people where you go, "OMG like HOW did that person ever get in the door?" Well, I did a phone screen (I'm being trained to do them, should be ready to fly solo next time) and it was TOTALLY not that interview. Nope. This was the, "Was that one really good or was it just me?" interview. Really nice.

Third, this is day two where I didn't have the sack of bricks hit me in the afternoon. I made it through the day, nice and alert, and I was on time to boot.

Over lunch today I went with my lovely female compatriot to the plaza where they have the farmers' market on Thursdays and picked up a lamb pie for dinner as well as a variety of yummy looking fruits and vegetables that were just too well priced to pass up (tomatoes, apples, bell peppers, carrots, just piles of things, not sure what I'll do with them yet). Then I got weak at the Algerian sweets booth and picked up two yummy items with names I couldn't pronounce.

I'm feeling pretty good about stuff, but I am a bit aggravated that I forgot to pick my book up from the nightstand and am thrown on the tender mercies of a copy of the Herald I picked up on the Tube today. On the other hand, it's a good day when this is the most I have to complain about. Off home for some lamb pie and a round of Puerto Rico!