September 26th, 2006


"Well, it's not like you need to get used to the weather ..."

I've forgotten to mention that of all the strange things, the weather here has struck me as seriously different from home, and from what I was expecting. In short, it's been much warmer here than I thought it would be. Yesterday afternoon rushing through the little park near work it felt like a Kansas spring morning (the overcast kind). It has also been seriously warm on the tube, but that's not much of a surprise anymore - though it's kept me wearing short sleeves and linen way out of what I would see as season. I've got a whole suitcase full of jeans and sweaters and I haven't even touched them! It's so different from what I'd expect from September, really, though it does seem like any day could bring the weather front that cools it all down. I wonder if this weather is unseasonable or if I'm just used to living someplace that's really freaking cold? Given that my two major living places have been Phoenix and Seattle, it's not like I have a good basis from which to judge.

Also, I tried and failed to buy this incredibly cute skirt at Debenhams this weekend. It has a snazzy matching coat that of course I need not at all. Thank goodness the skirt wasn't around, or it could have been an expensive shopping trip ...

Oh, day of doom!

SO ... I walk out the door, get five paces from the bus stop, and realize I've left my Oyster card (and wallet) the flat.

So I go back. It's sitting on the couch. I walk all the way to the tube (no bus for me!) and note all lines have good service. Excellent! I get on the next train ...

And wait for ten minutes. After the first five they announce there are now "severe delays due to signal failure" WOE. I arrive at work half an hour late, send out an email really quickly and run off to my "new starters" meeting. I return to find ...

I've sent the email to the wrong Mark. Blast! So I ask my boss to clarify who the person is I've sent it to ...

and it's my boss's boss. Hah hah, I am a total idiot revealed, as I cannot remember his name and have disclosed this to my boss. Hurrah!

Then I get an email saying that all my staffing plans for next month are fuXX0red as I underestimated someone's planning skill but already promised "Mark" on loan to another group.

So can I say at least the patch that's going out today for yesterday's release is not because my team had any errors in our code? Then I want to crawl back home and start the day over.