September 27th, 2006


Still in a state of transition

Oddly, things are feeling pretty stable right now. Sleep, eat, run to tube, commute, work, commute, go out or go home, eat, chill, sack out. I don't 100% know if I'm getting my "real" home yet, but yesterday the leasing agents actually deigned to email me to say the credit checking company was needing the confirmation from my employers. They were apparently asking after a "Carrie" CommonLastName instead of a "Khary;" no wonder they didn't get a response.

My mental energy yesterday (because who really cares about work unless I've got something funny or really gossipy to say) was absorbed by a couple of things that fed into each other. One of my coworkers (the woman who's training me) told me that my company is cheap with their pay, and that PMs can make double the amount in the city. (No telling if that's true for me.) And there was a great article in The Guardian about how to reduce the stress in your life (thank you, katyha), which I read on the commute home. The article suffers from a humorous middle-class perspective; clearly he's never had to live out of his car or skip having dental care because he couldn't afford it or eat out of dumpsters because that was the only way he was going to get a meal. (I find the concept of "genteel poverty" just terribly amusing when written from the point of view of someone who's never experienced real poverty. Basically if you have never had to have a tooth pulled because you couldn't afford to get it filled, you're just fooling yourself that you know what being poor is like in the least.) But he said in the article that people were encouraged to essentially mortgage themselves into poverty, which is true even in the States ("house poor" is the phrase when your mortgage makes you, say, go use the laundromat because you can't afford a washer). So I was thinking that maybe this apartment, which I have not bid on including any other salary than my own, will be a very good thing, that maybe it will make living here a little more tolerable because I'm not actually spending ALL of our freaking money on rent. And it made me understand just how much more money people can spend here, because there are most certainly piles and piles of places far above what I could afford. Anyway, good article, I recommend a read.

My night: home, made a cheese sauce to go with the tortellini because I wasn't happy with the Marks & Spencers options, food, then watched Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (was: Battle of the Planets, and thanks, cavalorn). That was kind of it for the evening, as afterwards it was just chilling with wechsler, who is very quiet but good company. Tonight, movie with werenerd, and I really must get my butt in gear for work.
disco ball

Shadowdaddy countdown

YAAAY! shadowdaddy finally has a confirmation date for his arrival! YAAAY!

So by the end of next month, I will have an apartment, a bank account with money in it, a National Insurance number, and a husband!!! YAAAY!!!!

I will need a date to go with me to see the Birmingham Ballet's Firebird, though, October 24th or 25th. Any takers? bathtubgin? xxxlibris?

Work continues, with two interviews today

So work continues ... today I did two interviews (or I will have by the end of the day). I was unable to resist the lamb roast offered in the cafeteria today (£3.50, such a deal). If I'm making people angry, I can't tell. It all still seems unreal, and I have to occasionally stifle the urge to stand up and scream, or just take the Picadilly all the way to Heathrow and call it done. Fortunately this isn't because work is irritating me so much I want to leave (or get thrown in the loony bin), but we've always got next month for that.

Loved this quote from my boss: "Do your timesheet, mate! I'm getting some moaning minnie on to me."

So, I'm thinking of what to call my company in my LJ posts. What's your take?

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What name should I use when referring to my company?

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