September 28th, 2006


It's the day before my first payday

I'm pleased to say I've actually made it this whole time with just one cash withdrawal, though, truth be told, I would have REALLY liked it if I could have taken money out of my freaking HSBC account. Why did they sit on my application for so long? Where is my ATM card? Grr. I have thirteen pounds and thirty-four "pee" (after my trip to Tesco this morning, cream scones YUM!) to get me through until lunch tomorrow, which I think will cover a movie at the Prince Charles cinema. I also have my emergency backup of US dollars just in case. I'll skip the farmer's market today as it could result in Inability to Purchase Movie Tickets, which would be a very bad thing.

I'm hoping that by Monday I'll know whether or not I've got the flat. I figure they're waiting to see if my paycheck deposits. I understand the feeling.

The Star Candidate has accepted our offer, which makes me very happy. Now I get to wait for a month before she shows up.

Um, okay, now work. And scones. Mmmm.

LATER: Oooh, I have found a place to get my Mexican food ingredients, including green sauce and my favorite tequila! YAY! (And there's supposed to be good Mexican in Brixton? Who knew!)