October 5th, 2006


Getting stuff wrapped up - NI no.

Today was yet another step into the pits of bureaucratic hell as I went to Tooting Bec to get my National Insurance number. Well, okay, it all went smoothly, the lady even warmed up and started telling me about her sister in Long Island and how she would much rather live in England than Jamaica (where she was born), and I was out around 10:30, off walking down the street with my nose buried in The IllMade Mute. Suddenly I saw the Royal Sweets Shop, its window full of gulab jamun, baklava, and a million flavors of burfi. Ooooh. I left with one of each (of those three things - my burfi was pistachio) for £1.60. Then I hit a "butcher shop and grocery store" and finally picked up the saffron I'd wanted (£2 for a nice sized container) along with some cayenne and minced ginger for cheap. Thinking on the costs of an English breakfast, I found myself trotting back down the road to teh Ambala sweets shop, where I got two samosas for £1 - fresh out of the fryer and everything. My oh my. They had lunch boxes of lamb biryani for £3, and I bought one of those, too, for later, even though I'd packed my lunch for the day. Yum.

Anyway, the weather's cooled down, and I trotted out the door today wearing my long-sleeved dragon t-shirt and a pair of jeans I'd brought but not worn until today. I guess years of living in Seattle have got my concept of a normal temperature far down from what it was in my Phoenix days. I'm not exactly wearing my "go to the ballet" clothes today, but that's what I'm doing, anyway, after work, and I'm really looking forward to it. Life feels good.