October 8th, 2006


My so-called exciting life in London

I've spent most of the day feeling extremely blue about shadowdaddy. I've also made biscuits (from scratch, go the paperback copy of Joy of Cooking I brought with me) and gravy (from the sausages I bought at the Hammersmith farmers' market), napped, and put wechsler's kitchen into some sort of state of order. (I also apparently nearly killed him with the spicy sausage in the gravy, but what can I say, I liked it). Now we're off for a little bit of shopping and then meeting up with itsjustaname for an orchestra-accompanied Phantom of the Opera (alas we have crappy seats way off on the side, but hopefully we'll still be able to see all of the movie). I've actually never seen this film at all, so I'm kind of excited about it.

It turning into fall, I am back into my annual Search for Boots. This year I have a new requirement: good support. The shoes I got last year, which had Black and Short and Not Ugly and Waterproof, come up short in this other category. Every day I wear them, my feet ache at the end of the day. Last night, I could feel my feet and my back aching, but my back was with stress, pain kicked up by getting a massage to break up the ice floe across my back. Joy.

My month long tube pass expired yesterday. Back to paying on the Oyster and hoping I'm not racking up huge fees every day. More joy. I'll walk as soon as I get into my new place, but any day I'm not just going home will be another $10 on transportation expenses.

Right now I'm sipping a little of the competition grade Ti Kuan Yin I picked up after being served some at ms_vermilion's place, and of course it's making me miss Seattle even more. At least I can say that the flavor of homesickness is subtle and buttery, with floral overnotes. I've known others to have it far worse.