October 9th, 2006


Rage, rage against the ... the ...

I went to sleep in a horrible mood last night. I also went to bed about an hour later than normal, and because I was so worked up I couldn't fall asleep. So now I'm tired, I'm still upset, my back hurts (from tension), and the lack of sleep has made me even more emotional, which is not what I need on the first day of what will likely be a stressful week at work.

I'm going to try to do a picture summary of Phantom of the Opera (really good review here), which wechsler and itsjustaname and I saw last night, but I don't have the graphic skill to really get it across. I'll keep trying; maybe later. Meanwhile, I'm going to make some tea and have a scone and see if I can somehow make today really productive.

Also, I'm brainless and forgot my phone. Just reply here if you have something to say to me today.
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    "Vous volez mes roses" - Glass's "Beauty and the Beast"

Is that a box of kleenex I see before me?

I'm feeling grumpy. I ran across town to go to the Alison Bechdel reading, but it turns out it's next Monday. Someone sneezed on me on the tube - a particularly wet sneeze - and now the back of my throat is tickly and my nose is running. And I don't have allergies to anything that grows in London. Finally, on my way back to Brixton - an hour later than I might have arrived had I not detoured to ICA - a pack of 8 kids, about 10-13, got on the bus, and one of them smacked me on the back of the head with a rolled up newspaper. I turned around and they were all horsing around with each other, popping each other with the newspapers, but I couldn't tell at all who'd hit me because of the ruckus. Apparently they hit a couple of other people on the bus, and thankfully they got out after only two stops.

Anyway. I'm tired and I back to feeling like people in Seattle - some of them, anyway - wrote me off long before I left, and that makes me feel resentful. I feel like it's happening to shadowdaddy now, too, and that gets me angry.

Showertime, then. Pleased to say shadowdaddy got the work permit letter and he will, for certain, be joining me very soon.
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