October 10th, 2006


Mentally congested

As it turns out, the cheapest box of kleenex at Boots is Kleenex "For Men," which is giant-sized kleenex in a red and black box. This is good.

I'm chilly at work and am looking at getting a pair of tights over my lunch break to keep my legs warm.

The people at the letting agency are saying that now I'm going to have to pay them an extra £80 to move in as the landlord won't be able to check the contents of the flat herself. However, I have cancelled my US credit cards, shadowdaddy has moved the money out of the checking account that I have the debit card for, and I'm left with about £160 to live on through the end of the month. I don't want to give half of that to the letting agents. It's plenty to get by on but half of this is not. And I SIGNED the document saying I was paid in full as near as I can tell. Do they really have a leg to stand on about asking me for extra money at this point in time? I hate that they've got me all distracted at work again. Bastards.

The fatal sneeze, and 39 steps

First, no B-Movie for me, even though I got a snazzy new dress to wear to it. Instead, I'm going to see The 39 Steps with wechsler. LastMinute.com has some great "Theater for a Tenner" deals, and this is one of them! I guess they don't sell them at this price the day of of the day before (or on Saturdays), but it's apparently not too hard to get the tickets four or five days in advance. I'll probably use this method to get tickets for the Alan Cumming show (Bent), too. (And I wonder if Starlight Express will come up at half price? I have GOT to see that silly show the three weeks it is in town.)

Second, I was thinking about the fatal sneeze on the tube yesterday, and it got me to wondering about bird flu. In a city like this, where people are packed together all the time, it would really just pass around like mad. I could imagine it completely crippling the city and devastating the population. And yet I haven't seen any signs of there being flu shots to get here. Maybe it takes place later in the year? Hmmm.

Tonight I saw Compagnie Ariadone's Zarathusra variations

Three word review: daisy chain cannibalism.

I really enjoyed the show and the space, which reminded me of On the Boards and the things I love about Seattle. Only ... no splendid_geryon and no shadowdaddy. I did have a very nice lilithmagna to keep me company and feed me cider afterwards.

Gah, the cold continues full speed ahead, and I'm to bed. Not going out tomorrow; too ill to not get a solid night's sleep after this short one.