October 17th, 2006


The cold marches on. Cheese. Visas. Cider.

Despite getting in bed at a reasonable time, I was exhausted when I woke up this morning. I'm guessing I slept poorly or something - not sure what the problem was, though I had bad dreams in which people tore out the walls of my house to make it into a bar and then one in which my dog had his paw nailed to the floor with a spike by some mean person. My walk was pleasant, but I still just don't feel very good. I was coughing too much to make it through a meeting (one that required I talk a lot) yesterday and my throat still hurts. I've brought in another pile of ginger/lemon tisane bags, so hopefully I can work on my throat even if I can't fix the exhaustion and congestion.

Last night I was practically delirious by 8 PM - I couldn't focus, and I inadvertently bought a "double sheet set" when I was trying to buy pillowcases from Woolworths (oops). I never really read anything, just stumbled from one end of the apartment to another, making some food (Kraft macaroni and cheese, one of the magic boxes I brought with me from home), washing dishes, hanging up a few clothes, trying to remember why I was standing in front of the bookshelves. I didn't get home until late - I only made it to Putney at a quarter 'til 7 and discovere that most of the high street shops were getting ready to close (or had already done so) and made a panicked sweep throught the Woolworth's so I didn't get stuck without an alarm clock again. Then I went to the ... grocery store ... starts with a W ... er, the Yankee Hotel "Foxtrot," where I did my best to fill in the alimentary shortages of my kitchen without having a brain to assist me.

While shopping, I did get a call from shadowdaddy, who wanted to let me know his visa had been approved. There is now nothing to keep him from moving here and joining me and starting a whole new life in England. He started crying and I wasn't sure if he was happy or sad but I felt really bad that I wasn't there to give him a hug and tell him how excited I was for him and how happy I was for myself. Instead I stood in front of the cheese section and read off the options that would soon be his. "Double Gloucester ... Red Leicester ... Stilton and Cranberry ... Stilton and Pineapple ..." This made him laugh. Yay! I still know how to distract him.

I personally was distracted when I walked in front of the Wall of Cider. So many options ... I'm afraid I am prone to choose books by their cover, for I bought a bottle of the Black Fox Cider becaue it had the best label. Yum. I want to go through and try a bottle of every single variety that store carries. If only I could have fit more into my shopping basket ... but I was already at the limit of what I could carry home. I'll just have to go back ... over and over and over again.