October 27th, 2006


It's the beginning of a great adventure

wechsler and I perfectly timed our arrival to shadowdaddy's completion of the immigration and customs rigamarole. 45 minutes and a detour through Barnes later, we were safely in Putney and the StreetCar was being returned to its home across the river. We spent most of the day shopping, the highlight of which was wechsler seeing an accident in front of the Cafe Nero where he and shadowdaddy were having a coffee (while I was shopping for a garbage can at the dollar store) and then running off to help the victim and provide a report to the police.

This rather slowed the day down a bit, and we were lucky to make it to the bank (and get shadowdaddy added to my account before it closed. It still took two more hours for us to make it home from that point, with stops at an athletic goods store (sweatpants), Monsoon (silk skirt *drool*), Office (a shoe store with cool shoes from Mistress in the window), Waitrose (where I bought a pork roast), Boots (deodorant) and Neuhaus (chocolate sludge in a cup *drool*) before we finally returned at 6:30. Then I puzzled a bit over how to make the roast, finally settling on diced garlic, lemon juice and zest, and rosemary all poured over it (and shoved a bit inside) with squash, apples, onions, and potatoes on the side. It really all turned out very well, to my surprise. Once the table was cleared, we went for the hot cider and rum and a game of Citadels, which I handily won against my 1) drunk and 2) jetlagged opponents.

wechsler is beat and will be sacking out in the guest room tonight, doubtlessly as part of a clever ploy to have some of the French Toast I'll be making tomorrow. Ballet at two tomorrow, but I think the verdict is that tonight is done.

PS: Knocked the bottle of Sailor Jerry's rum off the cabinet while I was helping J unpack his luggage, and it did break and lo, the cream colored carpet was stained and the house did smell of ... vanilla, which was actually quite nice. Damned irritating, though. It has been replaced.