October 30th, 2006


Gotta dance!

So the Metro offer of the week is £15 tickets to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which is closing November 18th. Next Monday (November 6th) looks good to me, provided they're still available. Anyone else interested in going?
Sea dragon

The years shall run like rabbits.

Anyone up for seeing Nosferatu at the Ritzy tomorrow? It's the best I can think of for Halloween.

I'm sitting here listing to a Current 93 mp3 a friend of mine posted and conceiving an incredible longing to hear Jarboe's version of "Cry Me a River." It was on the Children of God record I left behind, unloved, in Seattle, and was doubtlessly picked up at the yard sale for a song by a cheery person of indeterminate gender. It looks like it was out of print for some time and if I'd been staying on top of things I could have pulled in some serious cash for it if I'd sold at the right time. I missed that time, and even if I was in it, once I decided to let my collection go, I pretty much let it all go with the intention of never looking back.

But I'd like an MP3 copy of this song. It's too bad I missed the peak of the whole music sharing thing. I bought records, I kept records, I just never did digital music and now that I want all of the music I've ever had in digital format I would need to pay to buy it all over again. Dammit.

And I want my Tone Set, but I bet that was never on MP3. People just aren't silly enough these days to appreciate its genius.

"This is a song about a man named Slim.
Everybody ... seemed to like him.
He stood six and a half feet tall ... when he put on his cowboy hat.
He married Ethel and she was short - how 'bout that!"

(This brought to you in the grand LJ tradition of making posts of song lyrics, which, truth be told, always irritates the crap out of me, as I am old and just don't care about the music them young whippersnappers are listening to, or, mostly, about the music we crusty old farts once used to peel paint off of the walls. But poetry is always good. You may freely post Auden, or Frost, or Randall Jarrell.)