November 2nd, 2006


It's all sunny again, only it's colder than a witch's tit outside

Last night was a nice night, in the vein of the version of "quiet nights at home" I was expecting to have more frequently once I got here. came over after dinner and I made the the three of us pork chops (go go Konriko), kale with bacon and garlic, and macaroni and cheese. Well, actually, shadowdaddy made the mac and cheese, which was kind of a stealth attack as I wanted it from scratch and he thought he could do it from out of the box. Sometimes cheese sauce just doesn't work right, and it's really irritating because you've got a big expensive pile of cheese and cream in lumps in a pan, and that's what's sitting next to our stove right now. Yay for Kraft. (On the other hand, he thought he could do it by adding milk and butter to some fresh-cooked macaroni and then stirring in some grated cheese, so perhaps a variety of lessons were learned last night.)

Afterwards we played Tigris and Euphrates, and my usual tactics of Raise Havoc and Steal Good Spots next to Temples paid off in with a win last night and in my utterly irritating shadowdaddy and wechsler. At one point I was getting ready to unite two kingdoms into one, board-spanning monster that I would utterly dominate, and I caught myself singing Darth Vader's theme. Then I got the giggles. It was fun, but lasted rather longer than we wanted.

I've fiddled around enough and it's time to get to work. Today is the Farmers' Market in Hammersmith, and I want shadowdaddy to go with me. Better wake him up before I leave and let him know.

Best news story I've read in days

So the Seattle public schools put in a ban on junk food in the vending machines, and now there's a masked desperado out there making sure people can get their illicit goods. They call him "The Candyman." Read the story and see for yourself.

Really, it sounds like so much fun ...

Also, the £5 Firsts shows at the Royal Opera House look really great. We're going to the "Wired Aerial Theater" on Friday the 17th and then back for the Charles Bukowski puppet show on the 24th (tickets for the second not bought yet) - anyone else want to come?

What a deal!

The guy selling wild game at the farmers' market had pheasant legs for 50 pence a pack of six.

I bought two. Cassoulet, anyone? No, really, your recipes appreciated.

Now that J's here I'm free to be lazy

SOOOO ... I took the tube into town and met shadowdaddy at Galileo for a yummy dinner (though this time I rather thought the portions were small) and ...

decided I did NOT want to see a movie that was going to have me out until 10:45 and then home around 11:30 (if I was lucky). Not even a movie that had me home at 11. Nope. I have to be in at work not just at 9 sharp, but earlier, for tomorrow is the day I am presenting my "here's what a test plan ought to look like, folks" to the high yaller QA yokels at $howboat, as promised two weeks ago, only I've got to get in to work EARLY to make printouts and stuff, since (run on, yes, I know) I can only be there for thirty minutes thanks to the managerial training I'm getting that not just utterly duplicates what I did at Tripadelic, but duplicates the stuff I already knew how to do. Recognize? Coach? Reward employees? Thanks guys, figured it out on my own, appear to be great at it, but bless your hearts for wasting 16 hours out of the next six weeks to tell me how to do it all over again. You see, I'm not a new manager, I'm just new at your company.

My managerial, high irony quote of the day.
Developer: I don't know why we're so late getting the build, it's environmental issues.
Boss developer guy: What kind of environmental issues?
Me: I think it might be global warming.
BDG: Hmm, I was wondering why the code name for that project is Carbon ...

Anyway, we went to Chando's near St. Martin's and had pints in the opera room and got home nicely at 10 PM. My big question is now - do I make vegetarian chili or duck leg cassoulet for dinner tomorrow? As far as I know wechsler is the only person coming over.

Finally, I'm big on Japanese cinema, and the Wild Japan series at the NFT has really caught my eye. Really, who wouldn't be pulled in by promises of nunsploitation and existential gangsters? I've added Sword of Doom, Pale Flower, and Yakuza Graveyard to my schedule (neatly filling up every open Sunday this month but one); let me know if you want to come with us.