November 3rd, 2006

Morning cuppa

All this and I woke up late, too.

SOOOO ... of course on the day I have to be in early early I wake up late late, having forgot to actually turn my alarm clock ON after resetting it to early. I was at work late working on my presentation last night, don't want to show up to the meeting either late or without the copies to review! (And I was dreaming about demonic life forms invading the earth disguised as plastic flower ornaments on pony-tail holders, so glad to wake up when I did.) I managed to rush around, get out the door in record time AND get here ten minutes early, as planned! I print out my copies and then ... the meeting is cancelled. Ass biscuits.

I'd like to point out that shadowdaddy is already moving toward a more glowing state of existence. He's eating more, the blisters and such on his hands are going away, and the bags under his eyes are down to what we'd call "normal" (since they never go away). Why, yesterday he had second breakfasts and brunch to boot! I have fond hopes that within a week or two the whole "move" thing will just seem like a distant dream, and he'll be back to his pre-move weight and sunny disposition.

Neat articles: web science as a field of study, and the old cookbooks people love (once again proving I'm not an individual, I'm just a demographic). The second did make me very much want the Pillsbury's Best cookbook referenced in the article. (Also interesting to me: an intense analysis of the different versions of The Joy of Cooking. Version two had no ice cream recipes? For shame!) Do you have a favorite old cookbook? Tell me about it!

Tonight: watching fireworks from my flat, or from a block down the street if the view is bad. Now: bad office tea.