November 4th, 2006


*Gasp!* Oxygen! My LJ feed! My precious LJ ...

Goddamn, a day without LJ, I did NOT think I would survive.

I'm currently waking up from a nap, eating 100% not reduced calorie ginger shortbread cookies and drinking some Makaibari first flush Darjeeling (made with spring water, of course, otherwise it would taste like mud), watching the fireworks through the window (not like last night but sitll enough to entertain the tiny excuse for a brain I'm working off of right now) and listening to shadowdaddy talk to his mom for the firt time since he moved. I'm feeling very cheered reading an article in the New York Times that says the Democrats are practically guaranteed to take the House of Representatives back, a very cheering thought especially when bookended with another article about how the CIA doesn't want people suing them over being tortured in prison to be able to testify about their special "interrogation techniques." Jesus christ. I sure hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel this year. And I need to get my absentee ballot mailed in. I hope it doesn't show up to late to be counted, though I know my district's races are safely going blue.

I stayed up late last night doing a little LJ flist cleanup. People that wren't talking to me anymore - gone; people I only ever met once - mostly gone; random people who never friended me - gone. This was while shadowdaddy and wechsler were nestled snugly in their respective beds. I think it explains why I was so tired this afternoon.

Recap: Royal Ballet's Coppelia is awfully fun,Collapse )

Afterwards we did a little shopping, or tried to, but the crowds were too thick and the lines too long pretty much everywhere we went, and we didn't even so much as buy the toaster I was planning on getting. We finally escaped and went to Victoria to hit the Mexican food grocery I'd read about online a while back, and it was actually open and we were able to buy tortillas and salsa, yay. I had basically collapsed from exhaustion and Too Many Damned People (and probably No Lunch) by then and called it a day. I'm waking up now, though, and should be heading out soon.