November 5th, 2006

reading is fun-damental

Maybe it's because I'm 39

Every year I hear about people taking the NaNoWriMo challenge (nanowrimo for more info), and I think, "Yeah, me! I can do that! I get about 1700 words written a day easy!"

And then I realize I have nothing to say, that there's no story hiding inside of me (that I'm aware of), and I'm not really interested in cranking out crap as it would be a tremendous waste of my time, and I go back to making an LJ post, or I buy a tablet of drawing paper and stick in on the shelf and forget about it.

However, fellow LJ devotee booklectic proposed this BRILLIANT idea that I will now pimp, which I'm calling "NaNoReadMo" (or something like that). I'm going to use November to read a book "I've been meaning to read for ages." In my case (and inspired by Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, I decided I would start Memories of Things Past. I started it today and got 15 pages into it and it's AWESOME. (I'm not intending on finishing it in a month, though - that would be absurdly ambitious, and there's two other volumes besides this one.)

So ... will you take the NaNoReadMo challenge? And what book will YOU read?

(The quote from the book: "It's said, after all, that people reach middle age the day they realize they're never going to read Remembrance of Things Past." It's on page 28: find it by searching on "middle age" on Amazon using the "inside the book" feature.)

PS: back from a party, feeling blue about moving and the usual fits of social anxiety. Bleah. I'm no fun anymore.

The sun is up/ The Cowgirl's blue/ She's in her jammies/ How bout you

Going across London even at midnight by bus sucks ass. I'm glad I was wearing something fairly warm as I had to wait twenty minutes for the bus that took me from Clapham Common back to Putney. Yuck.

Still blue this morning. I don't know what's wrong with me. We're going to go for a really long walk today along a creek up the river path from us. shadowdaddy has made me tea and is making me breakfast now - the first time someone has made me breakfast in about two months. It's really nice.

I want to stay home and play Puerto Rico tonight but it's not so good as a two-person game and ... we don't have our copy of it! As well as having no couch and no loaf pan and no casserole. Doom! I'll probably force myself to go out and see Pale Flower tonight as it's showing at a decently early hour and, as I reminded myself last night, part of the reason I go out is because it helps fight off the blues, and today I am sadly in need of such a cheap prescription for my woes.

I also need to buy new boots as the ones I wore all last winter are coming apart. Blast. I hate shopping for shoes when it's actually critical that I find some.