November 6th, 2006

Morning cuppa

Birds. Fairies. Pale Flower. Housewarming.

So this weekend we discussed when to have a housewarming party, and it seemed that my preferred date wouldn't work. So an LJ poll ... (please only fill out if you live in London, let's not skew the results!):

Poll #861285 Housewarming

I could come to a housewarming party

Saturday November 18
Sunday November 19

If the party were on Sunday November 19th, I would prefer

Noon to Five or so (afternoon)
Four to Nine or so (evening)

Pale Flower, the movie we saw last night at the NFT, was fantastic.Collapse )Ooh, baby. Anything to feel alive. At any rate, I left the movie in a better mood than I arrived (cheered by neither being dead nor in jail), and when shadowdaddy and I made it back to Putney we decided to head over to the Bricklayer's Arms for pints. Oh, people were chatty and friendly there! It really made me wish my brother was around to hang out with us.

Collapse )That's right, pal, I'm going to put you in a cage and take you home with me.

Collapse )

Tonight, no S.O. work party on a boat; tomorrow, dinner in Brixton.