November 9th, 2006


Things aren't what you thought they were/Things ain't how you planned

To bed last night in a horrible mood, leading inevitably to a bad night's sleep and feeling overemotional this morning. Great. Welcome to Thursday.

I was reading a book by Connie Willis on the bus this morning, a short story set during the Blitz. "The tide is out," they say one night as a firefighter (a time traveller) rushes off to save his girlfriend. He later gets that this means there's no water to fight fires with. Then it dawned on me that the firefighters are pumping water from the river, which a month ago I would never have associated as being something having anything to do with tides. It was rather a bleak plot point to understand at that time of the morning.

Article in yesterday's New York Times gave me a lot to think about. "People are relying too much on marriage to provide for all of their emotional connections," the article states. Wow, that really hit home. The whole reason I moved here, and the whole reason I slag off on not being able to find friends in Seattle, is because I was in a situation where I felt I only had one person to provide me with emotional support, period. Over the course of ten years I maybe got close enough to people to really open up to them about three times, and none of those relationships lasted, leaving me completely alone when my spouse became so depressed he could no longer support me. Is the loss of these kinds of friendships really due to Freud making everyone worry that if they're that close to someone of the same sex, they're gay? I've attached the full text to this page if you want to read it. Comments?

My day at $howboat

Release team: You give us too much work, we give you magic tool to do it yourself, now screw off and leave us alone!
My dev team: Your magic tool does not work!
Release team: Uh ...

Release manager; You say all of those things are working wrong, give me extensive list of supporting data and tell me where your list of silly issues came from!
Me: Um, the list is attached to the email you're replying to, and the extensive list of supporting data is contained in this bug XXXX.
Release manager (privately): What a good list you have! I see you must not be needing our help.
Me (to developer): Am I supposed to be doing his job? What's the value add here?
Developer: Is that guy dead yet? I've been waiting for it but it hasn't happened yet.