November 14th, 2006


It's the $howboat Follies, take 500

Test Lead Y: All of my test environments are belonging to me.
Test Lead Me: I need it to test your functionality.
Y: No. Also, I don't think that's going to work against our code anyway.
Me (looking at app that sits entirely out of the website): Hmm. I didn't know it did that.
Y: No one on your team wrote code to interface with ours. I checked. They don't talk to each other.
Me (looking at project schedule): Seems like a meeting to remove this feature is called for ... since we're weeks beyond code compete.

Everybody has stupid things to talk about; why not me?

Best spam email of the week: Figs Retrieved!

Nice thing of the day: getting three dozen roses from the florist at Putney Bridge Station who leaves his "past his prime" flowers outside for the taking. Also getting yummy chocolates from wechsler. And some nice person at B.U. complimented me on my coat. And I got my drinks for free. And spikeylady and I had dodgy conversations and managed to get our schedules synched up. And I didn't have a panic attack tonight. All very good!

NaNoReadMo: I have read 74 pages of Remembrance of Things Past. (Yes, you're welcome to get me the newest translation for a Christmas present.)

Amusement of the afternoon: getting an intro to "The Six Sigma Process," which is not about decoding the secrets of the brotherhood of the Grail, but does talk about "planning from the bottom fishbone" and included a bit about witches with carrots for noses, and whether or not they're made out of wood.

Otherwise: it's almost midway through the month and we're not broke yet, and shadowdaddy felt lazy and went to the pub with me tonight instead of going to see a play. Yay!