November 22nd, 2006


I almost woke up early enough to see the sun rise today

Wow. In the next six days, fifteen minutes are going to be shaved off of the total length of the day. Bleah. The sun is already setting at four o'clock, half an hour earlier than it would have back home. Why don't I her about people having seasonal affective disorder here? Are Seattleites just more in touch with their feelings. or have Londoners just really absorbed the whole stiff upper lip thing more than I ever guessed possible? Maybe there's more sunshine here. I would imagine with the record rain Seattle's been getting the whole city is on edge right now.

Last night felt just like a normal night at home - in Seattle. We ate dinner and sat around and then played Carcasonne. We were going to see Casino Royale, but I thought actually taking the 20 pound hit off of our budget for this week would be a good thing. Eight more days until payday. It's not that we're flat broke, but I set a budget and we're over it. All of this week's entertainment is prepaid (two nights out, 40 pounds total), so we can just keep the expenses light (though another 10 pounds went to top off my phone, grr, and more will need to be spent on my Oyster), I think we'll be able to pull it back in and I'll feel completely fine about going to see Kinji Fukasuku's Yakuza Graveyard on Sunday at the NFT. And then maybe on December 1 or so I can see about getting a new pair of boots. I've sure been shaving the bottom off of the soles of the pair I've been wearing the most here.

I dreamed last night about my sister, that she called and I could hear her voice in the living room playing on the answering machine. And I was dreaming about moving our stuff, that we had an elaborate scheme to help someone sneak out of the US and go to China by hiding with some freight, and that we were on our way to England, packing in a very spacious on-boat warehouse with lots of other people who were moving our stuff. This time next week I might be sleeping on my own bed and sitting on my lovely Victorian sofa again. Wouldn't that be nice!

Dang, but I'm busy

So, let's see, walked into work, arrived at 9:20 (oops), answered questions then finally turned on my computer to find ... a four hour training meeting that I was five minutes late for. Went to the meeting, had my "I need this to survive" cup of tea kicked over, then ... well, had a lot of fun practicing listening skills. (Seriously.) Heard the line, "Listening is an intellectual exercise that requires you to use your brain" and actually found myself agreeing with the speaker! (I could talk about this more if people are interested in not just how to listen, but how to ask people questions in a way that gets them to talk. Collapse ))

It was fun and all, but the four hours I was in the class REALLY killed the rest of my day, and I had so much high priority stuff to deal with I wound up ... well, not getting it all done. I've spent more time trying to get environments up and shepharding bugs (Webcowgirling, basically) than I had hours in the day - I ate at my desk while reading the email that had come in between 9:35 and 1:30 and it was all madness, and I had an interview, too. At least that went well.

Dinner tonight at Fujiyama in Brixton. I can't wait to try it - will it be the Japanese food I've been missing so much since I was forcibly separated from Maekawa?